Lentsch’s work has the pathos of Rembrandt, and the atmosphere of Kiefer.

Tonya Turner

Turner Carroll Gallery Santa Fe, NM


American born April 14, 1959 California

Working in mixed media on canvas, Lentsch’s monumental sized works exhibit unique surfaces and refined textures while also reflecting a contemplative element of alchemy

and spiritual introspection.

The spiritual overtones of Lentsch’s painting are captured by his titles, where he uses mystical images and esoteric subjects to inspire the imagination of his viewer. His titles are compelling as he reaches for what he refers to as a “dialog that defines synectics…” (a concept first coined by Buckminster Fuller –20th century visionary inventor.)

Wikipedia contributor William Gordon describes synectics as: a problem solving approach that stimulates thought processes of which the subject is generally unaware. He describes this method as, “Trusting things that are alien, and alienating things that are trusted.” In Lentsch’s work he often pairs paintings with titles that attempt to explain this idea of synectic reason by connecting a vast matrix of complex relationships between science

and mysticism and the metaphysical and spiritual.

“My work is about human potential and consciousness. My passion for painting is intertwined with a passion for science and learning; logic and mathematics, mysticism and mastery.”


APRIL 2015

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